Monday, April 29, 2019

Great Verbs Of Life

The following from George Walter Fiske (1872-1945) a prolific author on theology, is good advice for anyone but especially leaders:

The Power of I.....

I am: the power of self knowledge.

I think: the power to investigate.

I know: the power to master facts.

I feel: the power to appreciate, to value and to love.

I wonder: the power of reverence, curiosity and worship.

I see: the power of insight, imagination, vision.

I believe: the power of adventurous faith.

I can: the power to act and skill to accomplish.

I ought: the power of conscience, the moral imperative.

I will: the power of will, loyalty to duty, consecration.

I serve: the power to be useful, devotion to a cause.


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