Monday, April 8, 2019

Things I Wish An Older, Experience Coach Would Have Told Me When I Was Young

The following is from the late Don Meyer

  • Rules from Jerry Krause
    1. Find yourself--Coaching is a lifetime process.
    2. Find your unique gift or talent and develop it
    3. Give your gift away
  • Be what you is because if you be what you ain’t you ain’t what you is. Players can spot a phony or con man a mile away. Try to adapt the good ideas of coaches you  study rather than adopting the whole ball of wax.
  • Get all the good ideas but you can not use all the good ideas. Your personality, your personnel, your league, your school, your geographic region, resources available and many other things will impact just what you can use in your program.
  • Promise less and deliver more.  Never promise wins and always provide attitude and effort.
  • Don’t say anything bad about your predecessor even it is true.
  • It is preferable to have players quite rather than have to dismiss them from the team. When players just won't buy in or refuse to get on the same page, tell them what they must do and let them make the decision to no longer be a part of the program. Do not rip them publicly even if they deserve it. Simply say that, "This is probably best for all concerned. We wish this young man/woman only the best in whatever they choose to do.
  • Newspaper buy their ink by the barrel and you buy yours by the pen. The old adage that whoever has the piece of chalk last wins certainly applies to the print media. They always have the last word.
  • There is no such thing as a free lunch. This really applies to whenever someone gives you or the program.

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