Monday, June 3, 2019

Thoughts For Coaches & Athletes

  • There never was a champion who to himself was a good loser.
  • Never sacrifice a principle for a temporary gain.
  • Keep Learning.  Don’t think you know all the answers.
  • Pay special attention to weaknesses and correct them.
  • It takes patience to endure the monotony of repetition.
  • Prefer team victory to personal victory.
  • When you make a mistake be the first to admit.
  • The beginning and the end are always the most important.
  • Every participant should know the rules: the letter and the spirit.
  • Always treat your opponent with respect.
  • Do your best to make yourself and every other team member, squad member the best possible athlete.
  • Talk your sport up and show your enthusiasm… it’s contagious.
  • Don’t ever be caught doing nothing.
  • Courtesy is a habit with the real Sportsman.
  • One good idea put into action is worth a volume stored away in daydreams.
  • Egotism is an anesthetic provided by nature to relieve the pain of being a fool.
  • Your opponent may not be speedy, but he went by you while you were asleep.
  • Victory favors the team making the fewest mistakes.
  • Hustle is the only indispensable quality of a champion.    
  • Leaders are ordinary people with extraordinary determination.
  • Every boy has more talent than he will ever develop.
  • Concentrate on what you are doing – then you won’t have time to tense up and worry.
  • Obey training rules for condition, play rules for honor and respect.
  • Set your goals high. If you aim for the gutter, that’s where you’ll end up.
  • Take a sincere interest in teammates, they will take an interest in you.
  • Think like men of action – act like men of thought.
  • We must taste our own words as they come out, as we taste food that comes in.
  • Success is measured in what the team accomplished, not how you look.
  • They daily degree of recovery from injury depends a lot on the fierce desire of the individual to fight to get well.
  • It’s a funny thing that the “wise guys” always seem to be working for the “dumb guys”.
  • If better is even possible, good is not good enough.
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