Monday, July 1, 2019

Winning The Mind Game

  1. Positive Self-Expectancy. Life is a self-fulfilling prophecy. You get what you expect—so expect the best. Implications for the Athlete: Always expect success—embrace the challenge!

  2. Positive Self-Motivation. Desire and fear are two of the greatest motivators.Learn to go for the rewards of success, not away from the penalties of failure. Implications for the Athlete: Embrace the excitement; it is why you train so hard. During competition you will have access to power you normally don’t have access to—use it!

  3. Positive Self-Image. Vivid visualization can assist you in building a more consistent and successful you.If you can see it you can do it. Implications for the Athlete: Picture yourself as a world-class athlete, and what it takes to get there.

  4. Positive Self-Direction. Set Goals—Keep your eyes focused on the prize.Try to be better today then you were yesterday—In everything you do. Implications for the Athlete: Ink what you think—Goals need to be written down. It’s about going after something that counts—not the outcome.

  5. Positive Self Control. Winners make things happen—Losers let things happen to them. Take full responsibility for your success—No excuses! Implications for the Athlete: Trust yourself and your preparation. You’re ready!

  6. Positive Self-Discipline. Practice winning every single day. Perfect practice make perfect. Be mentally tough—deal with the situation. Implications for the Athlete: Focus on the task at hand—immerse yourself in the game.

  7. Positive Self-Esteem. Single most important human quality—Feel good about being you. Use positive self-talk every day. Implications for the Athlete: Always respond with a positive reply.

  8. Positive Self-Dimension. Little successes lead to victories.Live in the NOW—It’s the only moment in which you have control. Implications for the Athlete: “Take it One Game at a Time” or play, or shot, or event, or swing, or snap, or serve, etc.

  9. Positive Self-Awareness. See your unlimited potential. Know yourself—Learn to Bust Loose! Implications for the Athlete: Let your abilities shine through—be a competitor, force yourself to push through the envelope. “You will love the other side!”

  10. Positive Self-Commitment. Show confidence in your self, your training, your teammates, and your coach.Commit to Excellence. Implications for the Athlete: Measure success against self. Don’t get caught up with competing against others.

—D. Scott Ward, Ph.D

Coach Yourself: A Motivational Guide For Coaches And Leaders

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Coach Yourself is a unique book, compiled exclusively for coaches to provide you with physical, mental and spiritual motivation throughout the season. In his follow-up to A Season In Words, veteran coach Dan Spainhour arms you with quotes and motivational ideas to help you achieve peace of mind throughout the season from how to stay motivated to handling critics.


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